Perfect Brows Every Time


Perfect Brows Every Time

The secret to a finished look is filled in brows. Brows are what frame the face and when they're lacking in color or shape, it throws the whole look off. How do you master perfect brows? It's pretty simple, really. Grab your spoolie, a shade that matches your brow hairs, and a clear styling wax.

  • 1) Take a spoolie and gently rub it into the Graftobian eyebrow styling wax. Start with a small amount and add more as you go.

    2) Comb the wax through the brows, positioning the hairs where you like. Press the brow hairs firmly down either with your finger or with the other end of the spoolie. This will help them stay in place longer.

    3) After styling the brows, apply the brow color to fill in any sparse areas. Using a flat angle brush and the Graftobian HD Brow Powders, lightly brush through the brow powder. Use two shades to create depth: apply a lighter shade in the front of the brow and a slightly darker shade for the tail.

    Tip: For a fluffy brow, position your brush vertically in the front of the brow and stamp the brush onto the skin. This will mimic natural hair strokes.

A few things to always keep in mind:

1) Always have a great arch,

2) Fill in brows with color so there aren’t any patches, and

3) Keep the tail! (the end of the brow that lines up with the outer eye corner).

Makeup by Katie Livingston. Model is Jessikate Riley.

Makeup Supplies Needed

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