Graftobian's HD Philosophy

What is HD Makeup?

HD or High Definition makeup, by Graftobian’s definition, is makeup that has the pigment phase of its formula, regardless of the base, so micronized that upon application to the skin will read as a single flawless tone under the scrutiny of UHD and 4K cameras.

No Streaking. Graftobian HD Crème formula will not show streaking from either weak pigmentation or from particulate in its pigmentation due to our micro blending of the color. The smooth HD Crème base used in the Graftobian formula easily allows for even distribution on the skin via sponge, brush or even fingertips. The level of pigmentation is high enough that even when sheered or blended there remains sufficient pigmentation to give camera ready coverage.

Graftobian HD Airbrush – GlamAire™ formula will not send large, HD visible chunks of pigment onto the surface of the skin because our pigment particle size has been reduced to 1 or 2 microns maximum in comparison to 7- 10+ microns from other brands of airbrush makeup. Large chunks of pigment lying undissolved in your airbrush formula will cause several problems. Initially, the artist may have to resort to increasing pressure to the airbrush above the recommended maximum of 6-8 psi in order to propel said chunks of pigment through the brush orifice. Not only will this cause skin discomfort as well as clouds of overspray threatening the lungs and eyes of both the subject and the artist, but those chunks may then be detected by the HD camera. With a properly micronized airbrush formula, the artist may spray at 4-6 psi, with virtually no overspray, no skin indentation discomfort and yielding a smooth tone finish without color bit imperfections readable by the HD camera. Further, a properly micronized formula will give the artist true color throughout the life of the bottle of makeup as the pigmentation required to create that particular shade is fully and homogenously dispersed from the outset and does not slowly seep into the substrate over time, slowly altering the contents of the bottle to a shade that was not intended.

Silicone-Free. Graftobian does not include Silicone in its formulations due to the inconsistent manner in which silicone based makeups react to touchups and powdering. In addition to our desire to create HD friendly, low sheen or virtually matte results with our HD formulas, we have found that artists struggle with this other issue of holding the tones during attempts to knock down shine read by the HD camera. While a silicone formula can yield a dewy look, which is sometimes called for, the HD camera is often offended by that level of shine and the artist is called in to knock it down. When you attempt to do so with HD Powders, aka Dual Finish Powders, or even virtually colorless face powders, the silicone tones tend to go “dead”. This is because the silicone makeups are somewhat transparent and rely on the play between the skin tone below and the makeup to create the desired tone. Once a powder with any opacity is applied and “sticks” to the silicone, the earlier resultant tone is muted and then goes “dead”. Whereas if the artist had used Graftobian water based GlamAire™ formula which yields a matte finish, the after application of HD Powders can enhance the tones to the extent the artist wishes or can be removed by a buffing motion down to the point of the original finish if so desired. There is no “sticking” action to be dealt with, thus no going “dead” of the originally achieved tones.

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