Your Perfect Brow

  • The idea of the perfect brow has changed dramatically over the past few years. People are embracing the fullness of their brows and over plucking is a thing of the past. However, a few important rules are here to stay:

    1) Always have a great arch,
    2) Fill in brows with color so there aren’t any patches, and
    3) Keep the tail! (the end of the brow that lines up with the outer eye corner).

  • 1) Using a spatula, dig out a pea-sized amount of styling wax and place it onto a mixing palette.
    2) Wiggle a lash comb back and forth through the wax until the bristles have an even amount.
    3) Gently comb the wax through brows, following the flow of the hairs.
    4) Dampen a beauty sponge with water and firmly press the wax into the brows. This preps the brows and makes it easier to apply powder.
    5) Determine you or your client’s brow color. Apply 1-2 shades of brow powder, following the flow of the hairs and natural shape of the brows.

    Pay close attention to the start of the brow, the arch, and the tail. It’s recommended to first lightly outline with the color before filling in.

  • Makeup and hair by Veronica Sitterding. Photos by Brian James.

Makeup Supplies Needed:
- 1-2 Brow Colors (depending on eyebrow shade),
- Brow Styling Wax,
- Brow/Lash Brush,
- Mixing Palette,
- Spatula,
- Makeup Sponge

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