F/X Aire™ Alcohol Palettes

  • There have been some alcohol palettes missing from your kit for some time–but don’t worry! We’ve been hard at work: Graftobian has teamed up with Emmy Award winning makeup artists, Brad Look, and Sian Richards London, to create 6 new alcohol palettes with a total of 36 shades, which are compatible with Graftobian’s F/X Aire Airbrush line.

    Graftobian’s New F/X Aire Alcohol Palettes were formulated to simulate bruises, contusions, wounds, wrinkles, and other ghastly creations. Unlike traditional f/x paints, these multi-purpose vinyl alcohol paints give the artist more to work with: the sheer formula allows one to build layers of color for a realistic, organic look.

  • #27010 F/X 1 – Primaries Plus

  • #27011 F/X 2 – Morbidity

  • #27011 F/X 3 – Character

  • #27011 F/X 4 – Injury

  • #27030 Tattoo Cover 1

  • #27031 Tattoo Cover 2

The best part: the longevity. These aren’t going anywhere until they’re removed with alcohol or face cleansing oil. That means they’re waterproof and ultra-durable because they were made for the professional makeup artist.

Alcohol paints can be activated with Ispopropyl (91-99%) Alcohol. The compartments in the palette are deep, allowing the artist to spray alcohol into them and work directly from the palette.

Made in the U.S.A. with FDA approved ingredients. Vegan and cruelty free.

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