Deluxe Adhesives Kit for Special Effects Makeup

Deluxe Adhesives Kit for Special Effects Makeup

#20007 Special FX Deluxe Adhesives Kit
This kit includes all of our premium Special FX Adhesives and Remover products, everything you need for attaching ( and removing) special fx appliances, masks, ears, noses, bullet wounds, cuts, breaks - anything you want!



Graftobian Deluxe Adhesives Kit for Special Effects Makeup

Professional grade adhesives for Special FX Artistry

The Special FX Premium Adhesives Makeup Kit brings together our 6 highest performance FX Adhesive products into a single convenient kit. Everything you need to adhere special fx, cosplay, or theatrical applications to the skin. Perfect for foam, latex, plastic, or rubber appliances, and for adhering crepe wool / hair.

Kit Contains:

  • Spirit Gum 1oz
  • Spirit Gum Remover 2oz
  • Pro Adhesive 1oz
  • Pro Adhesive Remover 2oz
  • Flexible Wax Sealer 1oz
  • Makeup Setting Spray 2oz
  • Convenient Vinyl Storage Bag
  • Instruction Card

Spirit Gum & Remover:

Spirit Gum is the classic theatrical adhesive, and our special formula is second to none! Used for decades by the theater and film industries, spirit gum attaches prosthetics to the skin as well as lace hair pieces and crepe wool applications. Also use it to attach modeling wax to the skin before shaping.  Remove with Spirit Gum Remover.

Pro Adhesive & Remover:

When you need something to stay on, virtually no matter what, then Pro Adhesive is what you need. Graftobian’s Pro Adhesive is a professional prosthetic adhesive for masks, horns, and other large foam latex appliances. This is the adhesive of choice for haunted houses, movie studios, or any place that requires long wearing prosthetics. If you really need something to stick, then look no further. Remove with Pro Adhesive Remover (required - it won't come off without it!)

Flexible Wax Sealer:

Modeling wax is everything to a SFX makeup artist, but it is nothing without a good sealer. Thank goodness Flexible Wax Sealer is here to save the day. Brush on a few light coats of this sealer to create a durable “skin” over wax formations. This wax protectant dries quickly and, unlike liquid latex, does not need to be powdered after it dries. Once your wax is sealed, it is ready for makeup. Problem solved!  Remove with any makeup remover.

Makeup Setting Spray:

This setting spray lays a thin barrier over your makeup, making it more smudge and moisture-proof. This incredibly versatile product has a myriad of uses. Makeup artists love to use it as a barrier under makeup to combat sweat and oil, or as an additional insurance coat over setting powders. A quick spray adds extra adhesion to light, loose Luster™ powders. It can even be used to adhere powdered glitters to hair or skin. How ever you use this wonderful product, we are sure that it will be a staple in your makeup kit.
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